Are you ready to find your formula to thrive™?

Are you stressed, anxious and running on empty?

Are you a perfectionist and often tell yourself off for not being fast enough, organised enough or smart enough?

Do you struggle to say no, even if you don’t actually have the time or inclination to help?

Do you worry about what people think of you?

Do you wish you could be more confident and just get over it but don’t know how?

Are you overwhelmed and burning out?


Do you feel stuck like this and don’t know how to change it?

Yes? Then we can help you.

Meet your coach

Hello, I'm Radha

My mission is that no midwife has to choose between their emotional health and their career

"Despite just qualifying I couldn't even see myself being a midwife. I wasn't happy. I was numb...

…but I can honestly say that working with Radha has completely changed my mindset. She’s given the skills to change it. I know I can be the midwife that I want to be without having those crippling self doubts”

Shaunie, Junior Midwife

Being a midwife at this time is probably the biggest challenge of our careers.

We’re in the aftermath of a global pandemic but the babies keep on coming. The complexity of the care we’re expected to give alongside short staffing seems like a ticking time bomb. We’re just not properly equipped to keep all these plates spinning and still maintain our sanity.


Putting your hands up and saying that enough is enough is not a sign of weakness. It doesn’t mean that you’re broken or not resilient enough. It means that you’re taking responsibility to ensure you can function effectively as a midwife and a family member and we’re here to help!


one on one coaching

Mindshift Mastery for Midwives

Our signature 8 session one on one coaching programme will help you learn to thrive in a system which many are currently struggling to survive in.

For an hour a week over 8-10 weeks you will be supported through a specialised and structured programme designed specifically for midwives just like you. This is not councelling or talking therapy – coaching can bridge the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be in a step by step easy to apply way. 

Blended from the best methods from applied psychology, hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT,  every session you will learn something new and be encouraged to apply it to your life and midwifery practice. This is not something that you can fail at. If you commit to the process you WILL see the results.

One of the main reasons midwives choose us to help them is because we’re midwives too. We understand the external pressures of working in an overstretched system and  also understand some of the internal pressures they’re facing. 

However, this process isn’t just about midwifery, it’s about making positive changes that will help you in all areas of your life.

Struggling to sparkling

"I just didn’t have the confidence before I started this process with Radha."

“This is programme of emotional growth and mindset changing. Making your negative self beliefs into more positive self beliefs to improve your emotional resilience, to stop yourself from burning out and to stop yourself from becoming overwhelmed.”

Anxious to awesome

"I've suffered with anxiety for 15 years and this process has completely changed my life."

“I just couldn’t see how I could move past my anxiety, it was too consuming. I can say now that I don’t suffer with anxiety any more. It’s only been eight weeks, but I can confidently say that it has changed every aspect of my life- my personal life, my career, my studies. I feel like a different person. I feel excited and it’s just the best feeling.”

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How it all began

Radha’s journey through motherhood and her decade long career as a midwife has been a rollercoaster of emotions and challenges. Despite her initial confidence from her experience as a midwife, the birth of her own child brought unexpected struggles with postnatal anxiety and PTSD. This internal battle of needing to appear composed and professional while feeling overwhelmed and triggered daily by her past experiences made her question her authenticity and left her feeling like an imposter. It took Radha 18 months to acknowledge that her feelings were not fading, leading her on a path of self-discovery and healing.

In the midst of the global pandemic in 2020, Radha found her beacon of hope and transformation. By becoming a certified coach and creating Formula to Thrive™, she liberated herself from the chains of negative self-beliefs and thinking patterns that had held her back for so long. Through her personal struggles and triumphs, Radha emerged as a guiding light for others, using her unique perspective as both a struggling mother and a dedicated midwife to empower women and families and fellow midwives to thrive in their own journeys. Her dedication to supporting others shines through as she helps illuminate the path towards life-changing transformations for others.

We're a Good Fit If...

You’re ready for radical self acceptance

Developing self compassion and a balanced view of yourself will banish imposter syndrome, perfectionism and self doubt. 

You're ready to embrace your future and own your successes

Know that you are in control of steering your life in the right direction and celebrating all your wins along the way! 

You're ready to find the joy in your life again

Overcoming anxiety, reducing stress and overwhelm will allow you to grab life’s opportunities with both hands and look forward to your future. 

Work with us

Midwives are often in a difficult position of needing to provide excellent care while struggling themselves. But with the right tools, they can maintain their emotional health and tackle these challenges effectively – Radha Wilson Jeffries has been doing just that as an internationally recognized midwifery coach and mentor. Her work with midwives and students ranges from anxiety resolution through self-empowerment all the way up into inspiring transformational change management and positive leadership.