Are you ready to stop surviving and start thriving?

We believe every midwife is amazing but the demands of our profession and trying to do our absolute best in a fractured system whilst dealing with things from our personal life can cause our ‘midwife essence’, that certain spark unique to us, to becoming diluted.

Sometimes our essence becomes so diluted that we struggle to see it and feel it anymore. 

This makes us feel we aren’t good enough. That those in our care deserve better. That we can’t cope.

 It makes us compare ourselves to others and makes us feel inadequate.

We loose our confidence and our passion. We get saturated and burnt out.

This can lead to further anxiety, stress, overwhelm and eventually burnout.

We leave our calling and we loose a massive part of ourselves too.

It’s not your fault and there is a way to not have to make the heart breaking choice between your career and your emotional health. 

How can we help you?

I'm a midwife or student and need support

Feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and unable to see a way forward?

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I want support for my team

Are you a midwifery leader, manager, PMA, Union rep or midwife who wants to see their team thrive?

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I want to book a workshop or seminar

Arranging a conference or study day and need a speaker?

Sinking to soaring in leadership and change management

"I wouldn't still be working in the NHS without Radha's help...

…15 months ago I was on the verge of leaving my job as a midwife and PMA. Now I’m half way through my masters degree and have just been appointed as maternity matron at my trust.  I wouldn’t have had the confidence or self belief to go for it without having worked with Radha.”  

Sarah E, Maternity Matron

Anxious and barely coping to thriving and free

"I was full of anxiety, off sick and on the brink of leaving midwifery...

…after working with Radha for just 8 weeks I now feel like a completely different person. I know I can stay as a midwife and don’t need to give up a career that I worked really hard for.

I just wish that someone had taught me this 10 years ago and I wouldn’t have had to go through so much stress and anxiety.”

Emily C, Senior Midwife

Poor work life balance to empowered and optimistic

"This kind of support is what the profession has been lacking"

I definitely have a lot more hope, courage and strength moving forward. It’s been so  empowering. This is going to make me a better woman, a better mother and a better midwife, friend and colleague.”

Paula B, Senior Midwife

From feeling stuck to Making proactive choices to move forward

"I would have probably ended up being off sick with no way to help myself to get back on track, and that's a scary thought"

I was feeling really defeated and very anxious all the time. With Radha being a midwife she understood the culture and the pressures and through working with her I’ve seen an improvement in so many aspects of my life. I’m feeling lighter and more positive.

Sometimes you just need a little bit of intervention to redirect you, which is exactly what Radha does. She helps to put you on a better path. It was just what I needed.”

Nichola N, Junior Midwife

Radha's story

Radha’s journey through motherhood and her decade long career as a midwife has been a rollercoaster of emotions and challenges. Despite her initial confidence from her experience as a midwife, the birth of her own child brought unexpected struggles with postnatal anxiety and PTSD. This internal battle of needing to appear composed and professional while feeling overwhelmed and triggered daily by her past experiences made her question her authenticity and left her feeling like an imposter. It took Radha 18 months to acknowledge that her feelings were not fading, leading her on a path of self-discovery and healing.

In the midst of the global pandemic in 2020, Radha found her beacon of hope and transformation. By becoming a certified coach and creating Formula to Thrive™, she liberated herself from the chains of negative self-beliefs and thinking patterns that had held her back for so long. Through her personal struggles and triumphs, Radha emerged as a guiding light for others, using her unique perspective as both a struggling mother and a dedicated midwife to empower women and families and fellow midwives to thrive in their own journeys. Her dedication to supporting others shines through as she helps illuminate the path towards life-changing transformations for others.

“Brilliant workshop. This should be part of mandatory training.”

Feedback from Birthing Change: A Mindshift Workshop for Midwives and Maternity™

Work with us

Midwives are often in a difficult position of needing to provide excellent care while struggling themselves. But with the right tools, they can maintain their emotional health and tackle these challenges effectively – Radha Wilson Jeffries has been doing just that as an internationally recognized midwifery coach and mentor. Her work with midwives and students ranges from anxiety resolution through self-empowerment all the way up into inspiring transformational change management and positive leadership.